The Queens Have Fallen

Two Queens
One Blonde, and one not
One with big fake boobies
One that used to be hot
It’s everywhere I look
It’s in everything I’ve read
Fortunately, one’s now in rehab
and the other one is dead

athank you!!

With all that’s actually going on in this world, why is it that I have to turn on my TV every night and watch grown people, low level white trash rolling around in the mud and having a pissing match over a dead nudie girl’s bloating decaying body? I know this was the role of a lifetime for that judge, and he’s got him an agent and he’s hoping to get a TV show because he thinks he’s the next Judge Judy, but there was really no good reason to drag this out. Could anyone explain to me what that Birkhead guy was doing there? If the were going to invite every guy who had ever tossed her a poke, they’d have needed the Pontiac Silver Dome for the trial. There’s really only 1 maybe 2 things of interest in the whole case, who is the father of the little girl, which I think we can all agree that Stern never hit that, so it’s got to be someone else, and if The Stern had anything to do with the death of the boy or Anna. Outside of that can we please stop all of the media hype? The day after she died it was all over my TV, what has this woman done to deserve that kind of attention? She was fat, she was skinny, she was fat, she was skinny, she was nekked a couple times, and that’s pretty much it. She was a woman, obsessed with fame and with everyone thinking that she was Marilyn Monroe, she didn’t care what or who she had to do to get and stay famous. She lived fast, very very fast, and it killed her young. Forgive me if the only person I feel sorry for here is the baby.

Then, when I’m not seeing Howard K’s goofy mug pasted across the 51″ of Toshiba goodness in my living room, I’m seeing the young Miss Spears in various states of undress and crazy. The saddest thing about that situation, again, is the poor children who have to ask the Nanny “Is that mommy’s Hoo-Hoo on the TV?”. This girl had the world by the tail, and at the peak of it all (or as it was starting to slide, depends on your point of view) she leaves it all behind to become a wife and a mother. She marries quite possibly the biggest goof on the planet and then proceeds to have a couple kids with him even though he’s bouncing around the country spending all of her money on God knows what AND trying to produce his own “rap album” because it was so crap that no one else would do it. At this point, most of the world saw “poor Britney” trying to do the best she could with a cheating, gold digging, gravy training hubby, and they felt sorry for her. But then, fast forward, and she throws The Goof out and files for divorce. The world rejoices. But then she jumped on the downward spiraling train hanging on to Paris Hilton’s panties, flashing her goodies, clubbing, drinking, smoking, all the while the kids are at home (now with daddy) and she’s on her 3rd trip to rehab. I can only imagine that the only thing more embarrassing than having pictures of your goods being slathered across the internet like Peter Pan Peanut Butter, is having the world think that the no talent douche that is K-Fed is the better of the 2 parents.

…anyway, until next time,

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