I Love The Fall…Even MORE

Unfortunately, living in Iowa, most of the time, we don’t really get a full blooded “fall” season, most years it just goes from summer to pre-winter to winter. Oh sure, technically all of the leaves come off of the trees, but it goes from the 80’s to freezing temps like overnight. This year has really been no different, We ended up with our first frost in either late September or early October, and it’s been pretty unpleasant every since.

But this year, I’ve discovered a whole new appreciation for the season. Though it’s been windy and cold, and all my leaves have fallen off of my big tree out front, for the first time I’ve actually taken joy in watching the wind blow large piles of leaves into the neighbor’s yard. Now, though I thought the culmination of the fun was watching them mow and bag the lawn the other day leaving their lawn nice and green only to have a cold front come through and bring 40 mph winds which quickly filled their yard again with beautiful yellow leaves, I was wrong.

Last weekend, I went out to let the dog out and I heard a noise, I looked to the left down my driveway and saw 3 of the hellions in my driveway scooping up leaves into a bucket. I decided I’d stand and watch for a bit, if for nothing else having something to write about. They proceeded to take the bucket full of leaves over to their yard and throw it up in the air and yell “FIREWORKS!!!”, as the leaves trickled down into their yard. Then they would head back to my driveway and start all over again. I thought my enjoyment would peak there with the thought of them hauling all of my leaves into their yard one bucket at a time, but again I was wrong.

Later that day, when I went out to get the puppy back in, again there was a noise, and this time I looked out into the yard to see the same 3 hellions hauling armloads of leaves up the small hill beside my car port and drop them on a large pile. I inquired “Whatcha doin’?”

“Makin’ a pile!” they replied

“And what are you going to do with that pile?”

“WE’RE GONNA SIT ON IT!” they gleefully hollered back, not letting me interrupt their work.

“How about we don’t do that?” I offered.


So then they very quickly came up with a wonderful new idea, the began the process of moving the large pile of leaves down into their yard and piling them up against their house. This only managed to go on with that, much to my delight, for just a few seconds before Grandpa headed out on to the porch to inquire as to their current goals.


I think it was the most trouble I’ve had yet not bursting into laughter. Unfortunately, they then scattered some of the leaves back in my yard before running in the house crying.

Some of me thinks I’ll be sad when it starts snowing as it may confine them to the house, but something tells me that they might just find new ways to keep me entertained.

I’ll let ya know.

…anyway, until next time,

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